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Carolina Mopar Foothills Community Guidelines

Our community is a very large and diverse group of car enthusiasts. Please take a look at our simple list of community guidelines. Failure to comply with these simple guidelines could cause removal from Carolina Mopar Foothills.

1) We ask that other people in the club and other clubs are treated respectfully.

2) If you have a disagreement with another member, do not take to Facebook to take to the Internet to air the problem. This goes for your personal page or the club page. Please ask for help from a member of the administrative panel or resolve it offline.

3) Reckless driving – Taking risks that could cause injury to yourself or others will not be tolerated. You will only be warned once by a member of the admin panel.

4) No Burnouts while representing CMF unless we have permission at the venue.

5) Carolina Mopars Foothills does not condone or tolerate irresponsible drinking and driving. If you are over the limit and trying to drive during a club event, we will do our best to provide a ride for you. Again there will be only one warning given.

6) Illegal drugs will mean immediate removal.

7) Sexual Harassment, Harassment, and Discrimination – If you see it, your duty as a club member is to report it to a member of the Administration Panel. CMF has a zero toleration policy for any kind of harassment, sexual or otherwise. If a mutual relationship ensues this club is totally fine with it. Discrimination of any kind has no place in this club or anyplace else. Folks its simple, we ask that you love one another.

8) Theft – If it is not yours, leave it alone. If theft is proven this is a first strike you are out policy.

9) Being asked to leave an event for any reason by a member of the Administration Panel. If a member’s behavior is such that they cannot stay at the event, on the second occurrence that behaviors are a problem, you will be asked to leave the club.    

10) CMF allows its members to belong to multiple clubs. Some of our members belong to many different ones. All we ask is that you treat all club members with respect. Please do not disrespect members of our club or any other. The second warning from a member of the Administrative Panel due to slandering our club, another club, or any of its members will be cause for removal.

Club participation – We want you and all of our members to enjoy Carolina Mopars Foothills. Our club certainly realizes all of our members have many different priorities. We have members from all over the Southeast and beyond. In fairness to everyone while still keeping only active members we ask for you to attend one event per year or one Facebook post every 6 months just to let us know you are still alive. If we do not hear from you or see you, a member of the administrative panel will contact you to check on your involvement. If we are not able to contact you membership will cease. We want you as a member make no bones about it. Our mission is to cater to members that wish to be active.